The Cheesecake Shop

National Franchising and Leasing
Development Manager – Nick Avgerinos

“The partnership with Francom Group is longstanding and has only been more beneficial to the business over time. We have made Francom Group a member of the board which includes them in major business decisions ensuring everything is legally and operationally compliant.”

Soul Origin

General Manager
– Chris Mavris

“Francom Group work across all areas of the Soul Origin business, not only franchising, including advising our board members on an executive level. Actions speak louder than words, Francom Group always go that extra mile. They are always on call which gives us the confidence and peace of mind and that is priceless to scaling our business.


– Nathan Birch

“When Building a national business with multiple brands there becomes a lot of compliance and day to day legal requirements. Being able to appoint the Francom Group team has made our operations much more streamlined and has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars.
When building a business and a brand it is imperative to ensure you have yourself protected. Having Francom Group on board has not only protected us from costly mistakes but positioned the company for unparalleled growth”

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    “ An organisation is only as strong as its team members.”

    Francom Group understands that every individual and business require multiple and specific needs to get from A-Z. That is why Francom Group provides a group of entities to guide its clients every step of the way on their journey and growth. Francom Group listens to our clients regarding the type of services required. 

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