About Us

Francom Group is built by a motivated and cohesive team of specialists across law, consulting, operations, marketing, and finance.

Francom Group is the product of many years of success as franchise experts at Francom Legal. We consider Francom Group a game-changer for emerging brands, franchise systems or established businesses looking to scale which Francom Group can provide a one stop shop for all business needs.

Emerging brands and established businesses can be confident in our services offering over 20 years combined experience building, acquiring and selling Australian companies.

At Francom Group we understand every business requires multiple needs to get from A to Z. We provide a group of entities to guide our clients every step of the way on this business’s journey and growth.

Our Services

Francom Group can take our clients’ business to a greater level with expert professionals all under one roof. This allows peace of mind for our clients by eliminating the need to use multiple firms for different aspects of their business, which can be time consuming, costly, and sometimes dangerous if all parties are not communicating effectively.

Francom Group understands the importance of every clients’ business growth and we’re committed to give the best possible experience for every individual journey.



Download our Capability Statement to guide you choosing the right entities in relation to your business needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details via our Contact form below or call us on (02) 8677 5457.

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