Francom Consulting is designed to guide entrepreneurs, start-ups and established businesses reach their maximum potential, enter new markets and gain future opportunities.

Francom Consulting aims to help our clients tackle business challenges, strategic problems, and grow ideas by formulating tailored plans for every unique business, to grow and achieve greater heights.

Our cohesive and motivated specialists work across finance, strategic planning, law, operations, and marketing. Our client’s business journey will benefit from the insights and collaborations with Francom Consulting, with detailed processes to build high-potential businesses, and achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

We take an idea and formulate strategies every step of the way with our experts in Strategic Business Development, Management and Implementation, Corporate Finance, and Legal. Francom Consulting push their clients to think “bigger”, determined to scale their business to a greater level of success in more ways than one.

Strategic Business Development

  • Market Research

  • Customer Identification

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Lead Generation

  • Relationship Management

  • Key Strategic Partnerships

Management and Implementation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Operations

  • Culture Development

  • Project Management

  • Product Development

  • Marketing Plans

  • Team Management

Corporate Finance

  • Business Plans

  • Pitch Decks

  • Presentations

  • Capital Raising

  • Equity Transactions

  • Budgets

  • Investor Management

  • Sales and Acquisitions


  • Corporate Structure

  • Trademark’s

  • Licensing and Distribution

  • Franchising

  • Commercial and Retail Leasing

  • Merger’s and Acquisitions

  • Human Resources