Elisa Lattouf

Elisa Lattouf is Accounts Manager for Francom Group. Prior to working at Francom Legal, Elisa is an accomplished Organisational Business Change Specialist, with expertise in Organisational Change Management and Process Analyst, within the financial services industry.

Elisa spent nine years working for CBA one of Australia’s most reputable financial institutions with a proven track record of demonstrating success in developing and implementing change process improvements to reinforce business efficiencies and enhance customer service abilities. Elisa exhibits excellent stakeholder management skills which include reporting to C-Level decision makers on general and project base business activities in a detailed manner supported by the collection of analytical data. 

Thriving on new challenges, with a high standard of investigative and communication skills, Elisa is able ensure that set tasks are completed competently. These skills and qualities have proven to be an asset to Francom Group. Elisa’s skill set is utilised in FCS for complex tasks which include detailed analytical analysis’s, proofreading vital documents especially around compliance, assumes control and oversite on accounts receivable and payable through the FCS trust.