The success of any company begins with sound HR Management. We believe recruiting, managing and educating employees to foster excellent organisational performance should be a hassle-free and affordable solution for every business. We offer strategic human resource management for complex situations that are aligned with long-term business goals.

Francom HR aims to protect a business’ assets and brand by auditing the business’ HR processes and procedures, while also considering the business’ core values and ethics. We strive to provide our clients with peace of mind by offering tailored services including workplace documents and compliance with Fair Work.

Francom HR provides a proactive approach to disputes within the workplace and works alongside Francom Legal to ensure legislative compliance and fairness is achieved in disputes between employees in the workplace.

We regularly meet with our clients to provide a HR audit of their business and identify areas of non-compliance. We work within the organisation to implement best practice solutions and ensure a company is up to date with all legislative and regulative updates within their industry or sector.

Our team works intensively and consciously to simplify your human resources needs while you focus on your core business. Whether an employer or employee, Francom HR will guide you every step of the way.

Francom HR is a division of Francom Group. We provide advice and guidance in difficult situations where our expertise is highly needed. Our service can help any business, whether big or small, with the management of its human resources, bearing in mind the objective of improving business quality, safety, communication and productivity.

of Hiring Us


Our experts will manage all potential risks that may arise in your business.


With years of experience in a diverse range of HR services, we know how to systemise and protect your workplace.


If you plan to continue growing, we make sure to implement structures that will further expand your business and train your employees accordingly.


Creating a company culture that stands out in your industry, ensuring all employees are not only productive but are more than satisfied with their position.

Cost Effective

With the size of our firm, we are able to offer a more affordable option for efficient HR services. We offer a variety of HR services amid at helping small, medium and enterprise companies effectively managing all Human Resources.

We are 40% cheaper than hiring a full-time human resources manager.

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