The Legal division underpins all other divisions within Francom Group. Just like all older siblings, Francom Legal is always there to be leaned on for advice, support and growth that is beyond legal advice, but commercial advice.

This division strives to scale emerging brands, franchise systems or established businesses by providing clients with long-term solutions and advice for future circumstances. The Legal division focusses on incorporating legal advice with commercial advice that is relevant to each clients’ circumstances. In turn, this provides clients with solutions and opportunities that exceed the legal sphere and strengthen a clients’ overall position in the long-run, while also providing effective short-term solutions. Francom Legal assess a client’s current position, where they want to be and how to get there, in the most time efficient and cost-effective manner.

“An organisation is only as strong as its team members.”

Charles Antoun

Holistic Approach

To accurately understand the true nature of your brand, we view your business from both a commercial and legal lens, allowing us to bring you effective and innovative solutions. A holistic approach encompasses both internal and external factors to ensure your business is in-line with industry shifts and changes.

Long Term Focus

No businesses are ever the same, despite their similarities. Having an ongoing relationship assures an in-depth understanding of your business, and allows us to develop the solid legal framework needed to protect your specific business interests, improve your company’s operations, and most importantly yield maximum efficiency across different areas of the business. Changes in legislation are inevitable. This means your business will always be compliant and protected with any changes over time.

Duty of Care

It’s not just about you. Francom Legal cares about each of its client’s brand reputation, as much as they care about their own. We understand the importance of having a positive and strong presence in the market to keep that competitive edge.

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